eInfochips: Enabling Digital Transformation from Silicon to Software

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 05:05 IST
The world of connected devices is booming with hundreds of gadgets and products being added to companies’ portfolios every day. As a result, the lifespan of devices is shrinking, posing a major challenge for product engineering companies to reduce development times. Moreover, faster time-to-market remains an important benchmark that continues to improve business agility for organisations. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking for innovative product engineering services that can help them achieve cost control and promote agile product development methodologies. Solution providers are looking for partners that can help them with DevOps, IoT frameworks and cloud services.Thus, for a concept-to-production service provider in a pure-play product engineering role, it is critical to have in-depth technical competence and experience, especially in the areas of computing platforms, tools & frameworks, and compliance & certifications. eInfochips, headquartered in Ahmedabad, delivers engineering services, from silicon to embedded to software, that are reinforced by strategic alliances with many leading global technology companies. “From hardware to software, from deployment to sustenance, we map the journey of our customers, while ensuring flexibility, exclusivity, and ownership in every engagement. We work with our customers to transform their ideas and innovations into commercial products. This involves an undivided attention and focus on cost, time, and quality”, asserts Pratul Shroff, Founder & CEO, eInfochips.

Demand for intelligent engineering solutions is rising and market players have responded by stepping up their new product development strategies to craft new software solutions. In addition, the rising implementation of embedded systems in products is encouraging market operators to add new features and extend their product portfolios. Since its inception in 1994, eInfochips has been focusing on rendering scalable solutions across multiple verticals that include aerospace, semiconductors, home & industrial automation, smart cities, medical imaging, automotive, security & surveillance and retail. Over these years, apart from traditional product engineering services, eInfochips has also been building its expertise in enabling intelligent automation through DevOps (for IoT) thereby empowering its clients with continuous integration, testing, delivery and monitoring capabilities for the products in real-time. With its remote device management offerings, the organization provides its customers the ability to remotely provision, configure, monitor, troubleshoot and update devices. They also provide infrastructure monitoring and a whole suite of cloud services.

Enabling IoT and Cloud for Smarter Systems:

One of the biggest macro-trends in the world of consumer devices lies in the onward focus on Internet-of-Things, Cloud and connected devices. Product-based companies in consumer electronics, wearable technology or connected devices industry are facing stiff competition and mounting pressure to deliver high quality products with great user experiences at optimal costs; all of these, while dealing with shrinking development timelines. This trend warrants the need for companies to shun their traditional development approach to a more agile-driven model that allows them to keep pace with the constant changes in technologies and requirements. This goal can be achieved with the right ecosystem of infrastructure, capability and processes. By working closely with the best of products and technology companies in the world, eInfochips has successfully achieved in-depth insights on the technology market, and has consequently increased the investment and expertise to drive growth in the product ecosystem.

On the software front, eInfochips has been developing application software across desktop, mobile, and wearables for a wide range of platforms, including Linux, Mac, Unix, Windows, Android, iOS and QNX. The applications are designed to align SOA (Software Oriented Architecture), MVC (Model-View-Controller), RIA (Rich-Application Interface) and N-Tier Architectures. “With the capability to develop an application for almost all leading operating systems and across devices, we can enable an application to be accessible, anywhere, and on any device”, asserts Pratul Shroff.

With the increased push towards Nano-level geometries, lower power consumption, and higher performance, the semiconductor industry is reshaping itself to meet the new demands from device companies. eInfochips ASIC design capability spans from Spec-to-Silicon (RTL-GDSII-DFT) services. On the physical design side, eInfochips leverages its experience in high-speed interfaces and protocol standards like 100G Ethernet, DDR4, HBM, SATA, and NVMe for SoC Verification. eInfochips has expertise across a number of verification areas including SoC, formal, low power, mixed signal and HW-SW co-simulation. Additionally, the company also works on key toolkits from LabVIEW, LabWindows, Test Stand and Vector CAST-based test automation that helps in bringing out best-in-class product validation. eInfochips enjoys the expertise to deal with increasing complexity of Digital and Mixed/Signal SoC’s while ensuring faster time-to-market. eInfochips also offers FPGA design and development expertise to meet low volume and faster time to market requirements. The company’s matured processes and comprehensive checklist has enabled eInfochips to execute complex projects in networking, consumer devices, automotive, smartphones, multimedia, aerospace, servers, automated test equipment, MEMS, VIP development and EDA tool validation. eInfochips has also contributed in development of Verification IPs (VIPs) which are presently being used by leading semiconductor companies worldwide.The company also claims to be the first services company to tape-out multiple 16nm SoCs with 300 to 500 million gates.

Addressing newer technologies in Aviation:

The company has designed solution accelerators for in-flight entertainment, cabin & cockpit systems, aircraft information systems, display units and UAV surveillance. Under the avionics division, einfochips boasts of an extensive range from a Heads Up and Heads Down Display Systems, that combines multiple display formats with weather radar and in-built NAV source for simpler coordination of all navigation along with  weather-avoidance tasks, to a video sub-system which delivers high quality mission critical video over bandwidth-constrained communication links. eInfochips’ areas of engagement in aerospace also include flight control systems that combine horizontal stabilizer, engine management, door actuation, enclosure design, and motor controls. To add, eInfochips has developed a next-generation cockpit data acquisition system that comprises 2000+ components, 3 FPGAs, 2 CPLDs and a 12-layer PCB. eInfochips proffers a system-level verification and validation, which comprise latest standards in automation tools, simulators and solution accelerators. The integrated design-to-certification solutions by eInfochips offer technical component expertise from silicon to software systems, embedded technologies with experience in safety-critical development and environmental standards such as DO-178 B/C, DO-254, ARP-4754, and DO-160 to name a few. Recently, the company claimed to have successfully ported Android 4.4 on a PowerPC architecture, for an R&D project in engine health monitoring system, becoming the first company in the world to achieve it.

Powering embedded systems with Eragon Processors:

eInfochips’ Eragon product line is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (410, 600, 820). The company is one of the selected few Qualcomm partners designated to develop non-mobile based designs using Snapdragon processors. Eragon System-on-Modules (SoMs) and development kits, widely known for small form-factor, low power consumption, and high performance, are used extensively for prototypes involved in smart interconnected appliances, interactive digital signage systems and image processing, amongst a host of other requirements. For instance, eInfochips’ Eragon 600, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, powers an innovative Smart Kiosk solution, deployed in a major city in the USA. The device supports displays for advertisements, Wi-Fi connectivity, free audio/video calls and interactive tablets for city guides.  The company has also leveraged Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820-based Machine Vision solution as a “distance measurement tool” with various applications in the oil and gas industry.

An ‘Unservices’ Company:

At eInfochips, positioning itself as an ‘Unservices’ company has been the USP. While the company does follow the traditional services model, it aligns itself to its clients through a product focused approach and with customer-centric business models. Product engineering is a revenue function and the eInfochips team helps clients increase their wallet size by enabling and ensuring the success of their products. Product over project, risk over reward, relationship over transaction, technical know-how over partnership, and more importantly collaboration over services- are factors that are always valued within the company.

eInfochips envisages to become the preferred go-to-partner for tech innovators and incumbent product giants looking for solutions in connected devices. Today, the company has over 1500 employees globally with presence in India, Japan, and the USA. website: www.einfochips.com