CADOpt Technologies: Optimize CAD to Maximize Benefits

CIO Vendor Gone are the days when people used the ‘Pen and Paper’ kind of Drafting tools or methods and even the traditional 2D approach is on the verge of obsolescence. Almost all organizations (from small to big) today, who are into Product Design and Development, are using some form of CAD in their ‘Concept (Art) to Manufacturing (Part)’ process. The process of Designing (CAD), Validating (CAE), Manufacturing (CAM) and Storing & Sharing of Data (Design/Manufacturing/Testing...) (PDM) and managing the lifecycle of products (PLM) has undergone major technological changes in the last couple of decades.However, there are many challenges in the ever-shrinking time-to-market product development area with emphasis on aesthetic appeal, technology advancement, built-in software and manufacturability. Solutions from PTC like Creo, Windchill, etc.,can help overcome these challenges, when implemented aptly and adopted rightly.

Having worked closely with PTC Global Services- a U.S.-based computer software company specializing in 2D & 3D design software, product lifecycle management (PLM), and service management solutions, CADOpt is well aware of the power of PTC Creo and Windchill. The company has toiled away to train hundreds of Design engineers and consequently has helped many customers gain significant benefits, especially with its Design Automation kind of services and Custom-built Apps. With an aim to help customers gain maximum advantage in their software investment, this company provides comprehensive solutions/services across Modeling, Detailing, Design Optimization, Piping, Cabling, Schematics, Framework, Structural & Dynamic Simulations, Manufacturing (CNC), Tooling, Expert Moldbase, Creo View, etc areas. “Thousands of customers have made the right choice in selecting and purchasing a product like Creo, but when it comes to the utilization, probably they are not using it to the full potential”, says Senthil Kumar Sivaraj, Director at CADOpt Technologies.
The company aims to heighten the productivity of Creo from a software application perspective by implementing Creo standards, building standard components library, creating Creo custom applications, Design Process Automation – using Creo API’s (Weblink, JLink, VB, Toolkit), Model Based Design (MBD) and Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE). Along the same vein, the company focuses on Creo user productivity by conducting workshops on Creo best practices, designing templates and modeling approach and eliminating non-value added non-engineering tasks.

CADOpt is well aware of the power of PTC Creo and Windchill

CADOpt carries out in-depth studies on customers ‘current design process, the timelines, activities and the bottlenecks via consultative approach and concurrently elucidates a robust solution. While throwing light on its distinctive credentials, Karthik Kandasamy, Technical Director at CADOpt explains, “Our services strength, concentration and focus are more towards the mechanical side of product development/engineering and we believe that we will continue that way atleast for the near future”. The company has well planned in advance to be active and prevalent in this Engineering field and as a part of its progress, it has recently signed partnership with PTC India as a Value Added Reseller, to resell PTC products in India. Being an ATC (Authorized Training Center) for PTC, the company envisages continuing training various organizations on PTC Curriculum and methodology in the future.