CADSYS: Bringing together the power of Computing and human mind to build Comprehensive designs

CIO Vendor Engineers studying the impacts of natural disasters have concluded that shoddy constructions, design failures and lack of enforcement of building codes attribute to building collapses. Mandatory practices for ensuring structural safety of buildings before the commencement of construction at times are not being followed by contractors because of which buildings fall in the grips of strong quakes or any other calamities. While understanding the pulse of the Engineering industry, CADSYS, headquartered at Hyderabad works towards minimizing design defects and reinforcing infrastructure planning, thus evicting the chances of construction led disasters.“No project is complete unless it is well engineered. A project can end up in a disaster, no matter how good the design may be, if the detailed engineering is flawed”, says NCV Harish Rangacharya, Managing Director at CADSYS. CADSYS constantly supports the construction fraternity by levitating designs into a workable engineering package, thus simplifying the execution process without compromising any of the design intent. “This approach results in a good finished product”, adds Harish. While utilizing latest technologies like BIM, Simulation models and Cloud to build, manage and design utilities CADSYS leverages ubiquitous connectivity for construction site related operations.

CADSYS offers Broadband Engineering and Building systems by balancing the cognitive power of human mind and the computing power of machines

Today, manufacturers are grappling to maintaine quilibrium between complex engineering solutions and their budgets. Hence, they are seeking out for engineering service providers who can reduce the impacts of overspend with their engineering solutions. While staying abreast with the shifts in the engineering industry, CADSYS ensures that every system that has been engineered and designed is constructible and cost effective at the same time. Furthermore, the company wherever possible makes an attempt to use locally produced products in design/engineered systems.

In an ambitious plan to upgrade urban India, PM Modi has set a vision to provide the last-mile connectivity at villages under the national broadband project, which is the backbone for the Digital India program. Taking a major lead in the race of this development, CADSYS offers Broadband Engineering and Building systems by balancing the cognitive power of human mind and the computing power of machines. “In broadband services, we have achieved significant amount of collaboration between field personnel and back office designers. Similarly, in building services we provide BIM solutions and on a real time basis collaborate with construction activities through our ERP and Enterprise Architecture Integration solutions”, says Harish. Acquainted to MEP Detailed Engineering, CADSYS’ is focused on integrated solutions to provide optimal performance for each engineering system – be it the building envelop design or the services within it.“We incorporate industry best practices into the design processes and design / project management strategies for better productivity”, adds Harish.

Having worked in markets of US, UK, Middle East, India and Australia, CADSYS is familiar with the specific tastes of its customers and has been able to integrate its solutions well with their preferences. “Due to our latest BIM and simulation technology, our employees are typically 6 times more productive than our competitors”, says Harish. Moving ahead, the company wants to bring perpetual success to the customers through innovation, Architecture & Engineering Services and end-to-end holistic designs.