Cresttek Engineering Solutions: Optimizing Product Development Cost across the value chain

CIO Vendor The outlook for the global automotive industry is marked by increasing volatility and shifting consumer demand. The OEMs are facing end customer price pressure, while there is increasing product complexity and rising costs. The increasing level of complexity in automotive is due to rapidly increasing number of electronics systems, which contributes to innovations and new features and a way for the OEMs and suppliers to differentiate their products. This has led to the OEMs increasingly moving towards virtual or digital prototypes, rather than physical ones, to speed development time. Cresttek is working with a major automaker in the area of bench marking and cost optimization, to identify ways to reduce product costs without reducing performance specifications. “This is achieved with our years of experience in engineering, low cost country manufacturing and competitive intelligence”, says Girish Gowda, Managing Partner of Cresttek. By leveraging power of advance CAE/simulation tools Cresttek solves complex design challenges and allows design engineers to figure out the errors in the conceptualized design and fix them in the early product development phase.

While the adoption of CAE-based virtual product development is increasing, the skilled labor to harness the power to these new methods is increasing, thus turning into scarce resource. In emerging economy like India, the lack of employable talent in the manufacturing sector has been the biggest problem. According to multiple estimates, India trains around 1.5 million engineers. However, most of the engineers are not employable due to lack of industry ready skills, obsolete syllabus and poor academic teaching and training methods. Cresttek believes that the only way to address the growing skills gap is to have a Vertically Integrated Talent Development model to grow the Engineering Talent pool.
Cresttek acquired Pioneer Design early this year, who is a Dassault Education Partner and Siemens Education Partner. “We are partnering with deemed universities in India to lay the foundation for training industry ready talent. We intend to become the gold standard to produce employable talent for product engineering in India,” said Mr. V.K. Prasad, Director of Cresttek. The company firmly believes in the fact that quality of talent pool drives the success within organizations and has set up training centers across Mexico to develop industry ready talent force.

Cresttek is working with a major automaker in the area of bench marking and cost optimization, to identify ways to reduce product costs without reducing performance specifications

The key to Cresttek success resides in the trust that the customer has in its services. It takes pride in having an open and close knitted relationship with its customers. Apart from local hiring within the respective country of operation, the company has set up 2 centers in U S in close proximity of its key customers to understand our customer business better and be a value-added partner. “We have over 180 engineers across US and India and are working for Honda, GM, Grupo, Magna to name a few. We are planning to hire at-least 150 engineers by the end of 2016 to meet its huge customer demand”, adds Girish. After establishing centers in Pune, Banaglore and Chennai, the company has planned to set up center in Noida soon. Moving ahead with a positive outlook, Cresttek has decided to bring up Competency Centers for Automotive Seating & Automotive Lighting to bridge critical skills gaps required to address unique customer needs.