e-mug Technologies: Delineating Accurate Process and Aligning to Customer Requisites

CIO Vendor Engineering commingles is a set of activities that can transform the concept for satisfying perceived customer preferences into a product or service that is ready to go to market, as well as future ready. A well-developed project from an organization had got into the problem statement of design backlogs, close to 40, which eventuallyresulted in high design cycle time. In lieu of directly running a check on the problems stated by the customer, e-mug Technologies, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, performed a value stream mapping, time study, motion study and gaugedon the importance of their project. Making an inbound relation with the knowledge repository and target, e-mug Technologies encapsulated products’ know-how, design rules and converted them into a effective conclusion. With the help of its knowledge based engineering (KBE) methodology e-mug helped the grappling customer to achieve reduction on design time and elimination of design queues. e-mug has engineers equipped with advance skills which helps in creating complete drawing that can be adopted by the product, process, quality control and assembly, thereby, creating Manufacturing Ready Drawings (MRD).

What sets e-mug apart from its peers is its BOT model of delivering smooth business operations to its clients. “Not many ESP companies had successfully delivered BOT to engineering customers. BOT is an acronym of Build Operate and Transfer, where the customer would be owning the complete business at the end of few years of operations. We went an extra mile and delivered BOOT.
“Our macro management on vital few and micromanagement on trivial many, has helped us to understand the methodology and process of the customer and provide a best in class solutions”, says Sunder Subramaniam, Director - Strategic Initiatives & Customer Relations at e-mug Technologies. In addition, the company’s in-House built e-PMS guides the complete Project Management Frame Work from art to part.

e-mug helped the grappling customer to achieve reduction on design time and elimination of design queues

It is widely cited that 70% to 90% of total project costs are determined during the early stages of development process. e-mug Technologies while getting acquainted with clients, closely reviews information regarding their projects. The company has taken this effort to avoid time wastage by prescribing cryptic solutions and work better on positives. “Today’s industries find it difficult to assemble right resource with right skills on time. However with our flagship skill development programs such as CCP (Career Creation program), focused manufacturing process and ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Program), a domain focused program, we feel completely guarded against skill inadequacy. These programs help engineers to bridge the gap between pre-requisite and yield”, adds Sunder. Adhering to conformity and articulating structures for processing projects, e-mug Technologies is planning to reiterate their ideology of commitment, continuous improvement and business excellence while embracing innovation, in the coming years.