Inventive Engineering and Technology: Leveraging Cloud and Penetrating Global Markets

CIO Vendor The Engineering sector continues to forge ahead, offering better and improved ways to design products. As a result, designers are often left to figure out the best technology for their needs. Some companies test and evaluate 3D CAD systems against traditional requirements while others make choices based on less empirical methods.Incorporated in 2011, Inventive Engineering and Technology Pvt. Ltd addresses the engineering evolution through intelligent & automated 3D CADon the AutoCAD platform of Autodesk. “ Basically, Quality is proportional to the skills of the designers and that is where we play a role, by building up that intelligence into the CAD solution for ensuring Accuracy of BOM & drawings” says Ravindra Sinare, Director, Inventive Engineering and Technology.

Headquartered in Pune, Inventive Engineering and Technology helps engineering companies for 3D Modeling & Detailed engineering solutions for the process plant industry. In the same vein, The company offers value added features in accuracy of bill of Material and generation of execution drawings for integrated plant modeling through its solutions such as ProPipe, ProPID and ProCable.The Autodesk Authorized Developer company is completely keeping its focus around Process plant Infrastructure & Utilities. Along the same line, the company has built solutions to improve efficiency of the core engineering activities that leverages cloud and penetrate the global market.

SaaS Solutions That Charge Based on Output:
Inventive Engineering and Technology’s Flagship product, ”ezeeSteel”is the first engineering software in the market, which will charge basis output, instead annual or perpetual licensing fees. The Engineering company invented ” ezeeSteel” for Indian market to cater to the Structural Steel engineering industry.
The industry was dominated by the stand alone solutions of the contemporary companies who were manipulating the market through hike in license charges plus annual subscription charges. The newly launched product, ”ezeeSteel”is a plug-in to structural analysis software such as Staad Pro, MIDAS, providing structural consultant to generate plan & elevation drawings from engineering design outputs. Owing to ezeeSteel’s efficient rendition the response from global market is encouraging, thereby making, Inventive Engineering and Technology, the only company to have such software solution for this industry in Asia. As an engineering services& software company with SaaS solutions, is competing with Intergraph, Bentley, Autodesk and likes from the western world encourages the company to improve and enhance its services.

Inventive Engineering and Technology helps engineering companies for 3D Modeling & Detailed engineering solutions for the process plant industry

Having adapted cloud strategy in 2013, the company is still in its nascent stage of launching products for the engineering Industry. With the inception of ”ezeeSteel”, the company is now tenaciously focused in launching a product almost every quarter. “Soon we will be launching ”ezeeSteel+”which will be providing the fabrication drawings also, once client provides us with his connection library for the structure” added Sinare. With similar products in line for Electrical, Instrumentation eg. Electrical Power Distribution software for easy engineering of electrical power distribution & “ezeePanel” for Automatic GA & Panel wiring drawing generation is planed during this financial year.With such a software solutions company aims to set its foot inside each Process, Plant & Infrastructure engineering company across the world.