Quanta Process Solutions: Providing Engineering Solutions to illustrate faster ROIs

CIO Vendor India is fast emerging as an Engineering and Design hub for various vertical domains including the likes of the Process Industry, Automobiles, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Telecom and Computing to name a few. And of late, the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies (EPC) servicing the process industry are enthused by the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Nevertheless, many Indian companies still depend on foreign consultants for their basic engineering requirements. This dependency is witnessed more in the Process industry as more often than not, there is limited concord between the foreign consultant and the domestic engineering company, which results in unsatisfactory results.

Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, Quanta Process Solutions, offers leading Basic and Detail engineering services under one roof which eliminates the possibility of any discord between the Basic and Detailed Engineering. Additionally, Quanta profferscomplete Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management (EPCM) services to its clients too. After diligently researching and gaining an insight into the company’s specific project needs, Quanta provides custom designed packages to meet its clients’ requirements. A process-intensive company, Quanta translates business ideas into conceptual designs that produce definite and perceptible results. The company achieves this by generating building blocks for the design in the ideation and conceptual stage which is then defined during Basic Engineering after which, the specifications for procuring the equipment and their installation are laid out in the detail engineering stage. “At Quanta, we provide customized solutions keeping in mind the client’s specific requirements and deadline thereby providing means to faster ROIs.”, says, Jay Kapadia, Managing Director, Quanta Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Quanta’s clients are dispersed across the India, Middle East and Africa.
Quanta diligently contributes to a pollution free environment by ensuring that their projects reuse and recycle materials leading to discharging zero wastages. Since the Engineering market is Capital intensive, it usually follows the International trends. Whilst the domestic industries don’t face much of a challenge when the trend is on an upward swing, they get hit badly when the trend flips.
Despite the trend fluctuations, Quanta holds its position in the market by concentrating on ‘Brown Field Projects’ where they enhance the operational efficiency of their clients by improving their existing manufacturing facilities.

Quanta translates business ideas into conceptual designs that produce definite and perceptible results

Despite the fact that the Indian Engineering domain is still growing steadily, it is poised to witness tremendous changes as the domestic market demands are expected to be much more rapid. Quanta Process Solutions leads the engineering service industry by looking forward to integrating installation services and supply materials to those sectors that depend heavily on the international market thereby easing the time lag promising timely ROI. Besides helping build domestic capabilities, Quanta will help bolster export services in the near term. This is with regards to the company’s motto of leveraging the domestic market while aiming at global business.