Shivamtech Engineering Design: Executing Value Engineering with Multi disciplinary Engineering Servi

CIO Vendor The robust expansion of engineering goods and exports in India is driving the market of Engineering services. The current spending on engineering services is projected to increase to US$ 1.1 trillion by 2020. With such staggering growth rate, many niche vendors have come up to contribute in the expansion of engineering market with rich technical resource pool and engineering services. Shivamtech, headquartered in Pune is one such company that takes advantage of its skilled engineers, engineering expertise and global collaboration to take on engineering challenges. The company driven by cost reduction and early product development pressures provides product design, design automation, 3dModelling and Drafting, detailed design, plant design engineering, fixture design-Welding BIW inspection, Design support, value engineering and reverse engineering services.

Shivamtech is committed to bring value to engineering services and achieve the same by laying great emphasis on innovation and quality

Several factors are cause for concern for many industries. Of late, industries have been grappling to accelerate the product development process and produce products at a faster rate. These industries are increasingly demanding faster and high-end services to obtain a competitive advantage over its peers. Shivamtech has realized this, and have embarked on various prototyping technologies including to fabricate designs and ensure clients’ products are marketed faster.
“Our prototyping capabilities and technical knowledge provides the competitive edge you need in the product development process to help you get your products to market faster. Our engineer’s help you decide on the best process suited to your requirements”, says Sunil Nandekar, Founder, Director and CEO.

The company believes that shortage of experienced engineers devoid of indepth industry knowledge has impacted the productivity of engineering market. Responding to this predicament, Shivamtech, founded in 2001, takes help of its specialized knowledge and skillsets possessed by its seasoned resource pool and applies it to provide comprehensive Engineering Design Services. To penetrate the engineering market better, the company has placed a strong focus on hiring new resources and training them on engineering design and innovative tools. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified engineering services company, Shivamtech is committed to bring value to engineering services and achieve the same by laying great emphasis on innovation and quality. The company works in collaboration with its clients across the product development lifecycle by constantly innovating its processes, upgrading team skill-sets and creating resources of well-trained engineers to meet the scalability required for the growing demands of the industry.

The Road Ahead
Shivamtech’s competency to help its clients thrive in the competitive market has been recognized by its clients across Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas sector. Recently, one of its clients has acknowledged Shivamtech for maintaining best quality throughout the entire project completion period. “We also have received an award from one of our clients in Pune for our best performance in enhancing sustenance engineering”, adds Sunil.
As far as the engineering services market in India is concerned, India’s Engineering Services will occupy 35-40 percent share of the global market by 2020. To capture the growing market share and demand, Shivamtech is determined to grow at a 100 percent rate every year while consistently meeting the quality specifications of its customers. Moving ahead, the company envisages increasing its overseas market share and expanding its footprint in the markets of Europe and America.