Autoline Industries - From Design Validation to Final Product Testing

CIO Vendor Over the span of time, the auto industry has become a highly competitive, fast paced and ever changing market. The product race is rapidly maturing into an innovation race, reconciling challenges of branding, performance, time to market and competitive pricing while complying with ecological, safety and legislation constraints. The answer to this lies in “smart” products of high complexity, relying on heterogeneous technologies and involving active components. To keep pace with this evolution and further accelerate the design cycle, the design engineering process must be rethought. Autoline Industries, incorporated on December 16, 1996, as Autoline Stampings Private Ltd., accomplishes just that. The starting point in Autoline is the current virtual prototyping paradigm that is widely adopted and that continues to improve in terms of model complexity, accuracy, robustness and automated optimization.

Delving deeper into the company, Autoline introduce themselves as the pioneer in design of press tools, jigs and fixtures using 3D CAD softwares. This in turn helps in reducing the production cycle time on a large scale. The company can predict and counters manufacturing related problems upfront by possessing tool design, tool simulation, tooling manufacturing, and tool try-out facilities all under one roof. Autoline is believed to be one of the largest automotive sheet metal components manufacturer in India supplying to major OEMs like, Tata Motors Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Renault-Nissan, Daimler India, Cummins USA, Ashok Leyland, AMW, FIAT, etc.
Autoline serves their customers through ten different manufacturing facilities located in Pune, Dharwad and Uttarkhand. Apart from that, the company also has the ability to design the product backed up with an in-house tool room. The tool room can manufacture tools up to 2.5m x 4.0 m in size. Tool manufacturing is also supported by TAL’s computerized milling center, wire-cut machine and horizontal boring machine.

Autoline introduce themselves as the pioneer in design of press tools, jigs and fixtures using 3D CAD softwares

Validation and Testing Services up to its Standards or One of its Kind Validation and Testing
Autoline is equipped with world class testing and validation facilities for some of their own products like automotive pedals and park brake. The test set-up includes testing of products from design validation, product validation and in-process periodic tests during production. The test facility allows Autoline to perform life cycle tests as per vehicle fitment and with variable loading and environmental conditions. This set-up is a one of its kind testing facility available in India among all pedal and park brake suppliers. Also, periodic calibration of testing equipment’s and required certification is carried out on regular basis.
Despite all these advancements, acquiring intelligent and hard work talented engineering resources will soon be one of the setbacks in the coming future. Autoline management understands and beats down this challenge and hence have already initiated many collaborations with well know educational and training institutes.