CADFEM Engineering Services - Better Product Development with Simulation-Driven Engineering

CIO Vendor In the past few years, the user interfaces required for simulation engineering have advanced. Now we can eliminate unforeseen bottlenecks before an existing system is altered or a new system is built. But simulation engineering like everything else has a few shortcomings of its own. One of the top most challenges is that the number of engineers who posses’ simulation skills are mostly limited or unemployed. CADFEM, one of the pioneers in simulation in product development, aims to fill this widening gap through the ANSYS Authorized Training Centre. Through this centre, CADFEM offers certificate courses to fresh and relatively inexperienced graduates. Using the carefully-crafted curriculum and expert trainers, CADFEM churns out better, more employable engineers needed by the market. The second bit of a snag is the misgivings that enterprise clients have about implementing simulation inside the workplace. CADFEM attempts to enhance the confidence to battle this indecision with their partnership with ANSYS Inc.

Leveraging their partnership, CADFEM promotes specific tools such as ANSYS Workbench to increase the rate of adoption of simulation and runs pilot and consulting projects. This exercise helps the customers appreciate the merits of performing simulation-driven product development as against prototyping-led product development. Upon deployment of simulation at the customer location, CADFEM transfers the know-how through standard and individual training programs and offers extensive support to ensure the return of investment follows through for their customers.
Established in the year 1985, CADFEM claims to be one of the leaders of numerical simulation on the Finite Element Method (FEM). CADFEM is believed to be one of the largest European suppliers of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Represented by local companies worldwide, CADFEM supports global customers with local companies and expertise. For special applications such as composites, explicit dynamics, urban city simulation, particle simulation, optimization and robust design, CADFEM offers products, services and know-how to the Indian market.

Believing that the advent of cloud-based offerings presents several unique opportunities, CADFEM puts forth their product eCADFEM that offers Simulation as a Service. The customers can then enjoy flexible, fast, convenient and secure access to software, hardware and services.When CAE software or certain ANSYS modules are used sporadically or if the existing license pool becomes temporarily insufficient, eCADFEM offers customers the option to continue their work without any stoppage or delays. The customers not only benefit from first-class software and hardware products, but also enjoy the support of a large CADFEM team with extensive CAE and ANSYS expertise.

CADFEM offers certificate courses to fresh and relatively inexperienced graduates

The services offered by CADFEM Engineering combined with over 30 years of experience in wide range of core simulation topics, CADFEM intends to become a leader in the engineering software and services space, their over-arching goal is to offer simulation for every engineer.