DIN Engineering Services - World’s leading Engineering CAD Services Provider!

CIO Vendor DIN Engineering Services LLP (DIN), headquartered in Noida, NCR is the World’s leading Engineering CAD Services provider. The Company offers Multi-Discipline & Multi-Platform Engineering Design and Drawing Services covering end to end in CAD and GIS to its global clientele. The Company takes pride in having several long term customer relationships spread in over 20+ countries. It is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 certified and apart from having 100 percent export unit status the company operates from within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) premises as set up by the Government of India to further propel business exports from the country.

The Company provides CAD design and support services in some niche industry verticals like renewable energy and telecommunications, utilising its vast experience and domain expertise. Company’s forte lies in work areas like Solar PV design and permitting, wired and wireless communication network planning & designing. The company has been successful in bringing over 200 customers under its wings by adopting a comprehensive services approach, taking the clients through a detailed design and engineering phase with focus on the unique ground situations of clients, with a quick turnaround time. “Our services focus on performance, efficiency and flexibility. We have a large pool of skilled and trained resources in specific domains, which in a short span of time can form a core team for any client with specific needs” articulates Anuj Gupta, CEO.

In addition to CAD Services, the company has also augmented a portfolio of offerings including BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS Services (Geographical Information Systems), including Utility Mapping (Electric, Gas, Telecom, etc.). The company has effectively rendered its GIS services to large Engineering initiatives in areas like Telecom Engineering Design & Drafting, OSP and ISP plant design and planning, both wireline and wireless, for RBOCs, ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, utilities, cable television companies and commercial organizations.

DIN Engineering offers Multi-Discipline & Multi-Platform Engineering Design and Drawing Services covering end to end in CAD and GIS to its global clientele

DIN also provides services for monitoring, maintaining and increasing efficiencies on the network designs and BOM preparation of the Utility networks. The Company has partnered with EPCs and FTTx Engineering Design companies worldwide to bring in new growth opportunities.

Leveraging Partnerships
In a period of over a decade, DIN Engineering Services has consolidated on its strength areas of design in the renewable energy domain. The company has forged partnerships with majority of the Top 50 solar companies in the U.S. to bring in greater efficiencies of designs and help clients achieve competitive advantages of lower cost of production, fast scaling for access to new market opportunities and lower risk in expansion, bringing them higher revenues and profits.

The Road Ahead
Having carved a niche in emerging Industry verticals, the company has formulated great plans to further its dominance through technical prowess and expertise. DIN with its global foot print aligns with the latest technological advancements to further innovate on the design and be at the forefront of setting industry best practises. The Company understands the CAD & GIS outsourcing business particularly well and is fully capable and experienced of establishing mutually win-win partnerships with AEC, EPC and general contracting companies worldwide.