EASi - Assisting Organizations with Enhanced On-Shore & Off-Shore Engineering Capabilities

CIO Vendor The engineering services industry has evolved over the last 20 years in India. Currently there are approximately 6000 engineering services organizations in the country. Over this period, customer expectations and service offerings from suppliers have changed. After the success of IT outsourcing services, many companies started outsourcing their engineering efforts for various reasons: primarily reduced cost. Also, there are various constraints that need to be considered when designing products for local conditions. Understanding peculiar local conditions becomes an advantage for local companies. Headquartered in Maryland, USA, with Indian offices in Bangalore and Chennai, EASi, a subsidiary of Aerotek, aligns right in the gap between challenge and solution. The company provides design and engineering support services with a focus on new product development, product and manufacturing engineering and engineering process outsourcing. “EASi evenly invests in on-site, on-shore, and offshore capabilities to provide engineering services that are uniquely suited to the needs of customers”, asserts Hushedar Mehta, Global VP- Operations, EASi.
As the world population grows and consumers become more demanding, the competition to efficiently bring products to market has never been greater. Consequently, creating reliable products by appropriate design and thorough testing, verification and validation is a challenge. Pertaining to that, EASi brought in experts and developed fully functional laboratories that act as an extension of the client on embedded systems, connectivity, app development and hardware design programs. Moreover, EASi engineers work to get connected to the IoT in the industrial space by providing design, integration and testing services in the realm of sensor based data collection, cloud connectivity and data analytics.
“EASi offers effective, scalable, flexible solutions with real-time support and service”, adds Hushedar.

Medical Device Manufacturing
Due to changing consumer preferences, emerging markets and increasing regulations, the global medical device industry must be able to adapt quickly in order to deliver innovative new devices. EASi helps medical device manufacturers extract more value out of their intellectual property by providing services such as design, prototype development, testing, regulatory support, manufacturing, sourcing and after-market support. For large engagements, EASi deploys a cross-functional team that includes subject matter experts, program managers, payroll experts and
talent management.

EASi engineers work to get connected to the IoT in the industrial space by providing design, integration and testing services

EASi’s goal is to integrate seamlessly with clients’ capabilities, to help them develop new products by supplementing their in-house competencies. Having provided solutions for more than 35 years now, the organization is investing in emerging technologies such as the IoT, remote monitoring and mobility solutions to stay abreast of market needs. By adding new service lines,such as oil and gas, architectural and civil services to name a few, EASi endeavors to elevate the standards of engineering and help drive new revenue for their clients’ businesses.