Invilogic Software - Simplifying Design Processes with Knowledge Based Engineering

CIO Vendor It’s a bit of gamble to try to nail down future trends in technology, and the world of computer aided drafting and design is no exception. Who would have predicted just a decade ago that AutoCAD would be again run on a Mac and that customers would be storing the data and even collaborating in the Cloud. Also, it’s surprising that people are able to draft on a hand held tablet. Meanwhile a parallel world is evolving and thriving on its own, quite apart from AutoCAD and other types of architectures. This was the exclusive world of 3D modelling. For a selected group of companies, the use of some off-the-shelf 2D application was never an option. Building fully automated 3D models and drawing generation solutions, Invilogic Software, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, provides automation solutions ranging from conceptual design, process design and mechanical engineering design, to simulation and CAM services.

Computer simulation has become an indispensable tool in automotive development these days. Despite of significant progress in simulation technology, there remains a number of challenges which prevent a “100 percent digital prototyping”. The holistic tools from Invilogic cover the engineering processes like modeling, drafting and reports generation. These reports include Bill of Material, Manufacturing information & instructions, analyses and other such process parameters. By integrating Invilogic custom tools for CAE checks with Analyses software, optimization of design can be achieved. The time taken for design optimization with these custom tools is a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods.

Design Automation Application
Increased manufacturing performance and flexibility requires frictionless communications and interaction between enterprise systems and manufacturing field I/O (inputs/outputs).
In order to do that, Design Automation(DA) application captures design parameters, rules & logics and comprises of various mathematical modeling, company experience and empirical relations. DA incorporates company knowledge database for fast development of product iterations. The technique reduces product design cycle time and cost. Invilogic’s DA application helps to automate engineering tasks that are mundane and logical in nature. Also, Invilogic has developed Quality Checking tool. “The Quality Checking tool reduces the efforts by more than 90 percent and quality becomes an inherent delivery”, exclaims Siddhartha Durairajan, CEO, Invilogic Software.

Invilogic Software provides automation solutions ranging from conceptual design, process design and mechanical engineering design, to simulation and CAM services

Being one of the leaders in knowledge based engineering, Invilogic has successfully implemented automation for a single component design with more than 2000 feature to 3 00,000 parts assemble structure. With Invilogic’s KBE engine, ability to adapt to the technology to different industries like Wind energy, Heavy engineering and EPC, where the engineering hours spent are the major cost, become easy. Emphasizing to evolve new innovative tools for automotive and aerospace with virtual/augmented reality, the organization objectively works to bring difference to the power of design across varied disciplines, thereby transforming the way businesses operate. Knowledge based engineering will not only help in substantial reduction in design time but will also help retain the knowledge within the organization.