Xitadel - A Source of Critical CAE Technologies

CIO Vendor CAE technology is presently advancing with great vigor in multiple fronts. Rapid building of high quality finite element models, automation of CAE processes, lightweight engineering, optimizing structures, vehicle dynamics and simulation, HIL, SIL and cloud computing are some of the areas of rapid technology advancement. In the quest for “100 per cent digital prototyping”, industry is now contending with a new class of challenges that requires Next Generation CAE technology in addition to the traditional CAE. This includes Lightweight Materials, Multiphysics, Optimization and Stochastics. With a line of products in close association with the aforementioned trends and requirements of the CAE technology, Michigan, US headquartered Xitadel Group, with Indian offices at Bangalore, Pune and Chennai, offers best-in-class solutions to solve modelling, analysis and optimization problems faced by companies hailing from various manufacturing industries.

Process Automation through Next Gen CAE
Xitadel’s PA tools capture and improve current processes at the same time encapsulates “industry best practices”. This enables organizations to institutionalize CAE practices and company specific expertise while ensuring speed and consistency. Xitadel’s PA technology delivers productivity gain of 10x to 100x. The adoption of Next Generation CAE techniques is vital for companies to stay competitive in emerging CAE practices. Unlike most CAE companies in India that are “service” oriented and view CAE technology as a tool, Xitadel’s vision and value proposition is targeted at infusing technology value in the services domain.
This is exemplified in Xitadel’s projects and PA offerings. Xitadel provides Next Generation CAE technology in partnership with leading technology companies like Beta CAE, Simulia, ThermoAnalytics and Mechanical Simulation Corp. “Our bench-marking and high end projects enable customers assess the value of new technologies in their product development processes”, says Prakash Krishnaswamy, CEO, Xitadel. The company’s cutting edge technologies and expertise in advanced materials, fluid and coupled fluid/thermal simulation, optimization and stochastics etc help customers build the core CAE competencies. Moreover through PA, the company helps customers integrate new technologies with the processes. Xitadel’s CAE technology offerings for small and large enterprises span multiple industries like transportation, heavy industry, consumer goods and medical devices. ANSA, Simulia, TAITherm and CarSim together provide end-to-end value i.e. from concept to production.

CAE technology offers best-in-class solutions to solve modelling, analysis and optimization problems faced by companies hailing from various manufacturing industries

There is much talk of India gradually positioning itself as a global hub for automobile engineering. However, this would require transformation of the current “services” model to one that incorporates more expertise and advanced technology. Xitadel is determined to become the company of choice for expertise and technology excellence in the virtual engineering of efficient, lightweight conventional and electric vehicles. Xitadel’s technologies and expertise are making a difference to the critical product development processes of major players like GM, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Chrysler and Nissan.